mooi kind is a gender-neutral apparel and accessory line for children. meaning “beautiful child” in Dutch, mooi kind wants to give children the freedom to define themselves. we are a black-owned, handmade company.

the idea for the brand came from Adam King. when his first child was born, he and his partner were disappointed by the clothing choices available. either they’d clad their child in frilly pink lace and glitter, or skulls & crossbones and sports imagery. while neither of those options are inherently bad, neither parent wanted to hyper-genderize their child. instead, Adam took his background in apparel design and began creating clothing for his baby. as people saw the goods, they began asking where they could get them as well; asking to commission wardrobes for their littles. this was the birth of mooi kind.

the desire to create stylish clothing for every child to feel comfortable in their skin is at the heart of what mooi kind is about. stylish, ease of movement, tough enough to last, and versatile enough to wear anywhere are things we try to put into every piece. we don’t try to straddle the line between genders, we try to create something that everyone *wants* to wear. then there’s the practical thing about what happens to clothes once a child grows out of them? hand-me-downs, to a sibling or another family, are a practical thing. when the clothing isn’t “gender-specific” it’s a much easier thing, as well.

we design and make everything with love and care like our own children would wear it. we trust our standards will ensure your littles will love them, too.